If Infinityfree.net is free then why site goes SUSPENDED

most of time my site goes suspended due to cpu power ??? what is this…
now its showing purchase primium plan for hosting. i thought infinityfree.net is totally free website for web hosting but its wrong information spread in market. now what should i do if i dont want to go primium now…You Can Check My Website it has suspended!
My Site Link>>>> Bangerlyric.xyz

It has suspende because you have hit your CPU power quota. Have you checked to see if one of your PHP script is a problem?


Infinityfree.net is free, But for starter sites. Free hosts aren’t able to handle heavy-coded sites. It needs premium host with lot of features, which nobody provides it for free.


It is free, but like all free things it has to have limits since it doesn’t charge you for anything (unlike premium hosting which you pay for, but with more CPU power, RAM, etc.). When you surpass limits, like CPU, your hosting account is automatically suspended for 24 hours. The thing that’s “telling you” to buy premium hosting is actually a suggestion. Since if you keep hitting the limits, it’s evident that you either need to buy premium hosting, or refine your site so it uses less.


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