[IDEA] InfinityFree Redesign!

Hey all! I've made a "redesign" of InfinityFree!


This is a redesign of infinityfree, which I thought would be cool.

  • Material Design UI
  • Loads astonishingly fast
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • I've even included spots for ads in the future
This uses a framework called "materialize", which is a very good framework for Material design!

@admin Could you give your feedback?
@everyone Check out all the links, including the accounts, and comment below on your feedback
The links in the navbar are 404

Any need to put this option for 3 accounts? :thinking:

well, that’s true…

but if anyone has more, or is using paid?

Infinityfree itself doesn’t provide paid hosting, and there’s a limit for max 3 accounts.



Could be perfect!

Do you think it’s good or could be better

Hmm, I’m not sure. The current design honestly looks better.

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Oh, ok. I actually am improving it!

It looks really good! I would be interested to see the other pages redesigned.

such as?

The ssl certificate page

As far as the overall design, is it just me or does this seem like a step back?

Before the current design, the client area actually had a material design. But that was design from 2015/2016, and was a bit too heavy on the colors and fonts. I prefer the current design more, it’s more light and fresh.

Red isn’t really a color I would associate with InfinityFree. Blue and green are more common across the brand. The heavy font also doesn’t help the design. But that may be because I don’t have many of the chosen fonts.

And yes, of course it loads astonishingly fast. It’s plain HTML. The current panel is also primarily vanilla Bootstrap, and the slowness is caused in part by the client area backend code and by a much larger part by complicated ad code.

The account search is a neat trick, but it’s usefulness is limited given that most people only have a few accounts and you can’t use fully client side search to search for actually useful attributes (like “find me the account hosting domain example.com”).


Cool! I didn’t know that it had a material design!
I actually used materialize to make it, not bootstrap
I prefer bootstrap rather, because has more features, but I decided to try out materialize for once

I’m not as experienced as you are :no_mouth:

I didn’t take that into consideration when I was making it, oops…
Usually, I choose roboto light for my font, I forgot to do it this time

Yeah, I agree, It’s more easier and lighter now, i see previous screenshots of infinityfree on google.

Yes, I agree :slight_smile: You did a lot of hard work, that’s why it’s complicated :slight_smile:
Have you heard about another framework called mdbootstrap? MDBootstrap 5 download & installation guide
If you try considering this, I mean it will be easy, because all you need to change is the CDN link, or your CSS file (because it’s based off bootstrap, and you can customize it)
And, you can change the myFunction() to whatever you need.

Also, did you check out the “viewing-the-website-in-the-client-area” part (lol I dont know what else to call it)

But yeah, Thanks for your feedback!

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Something like this before?

I searched it on google


Yep, that’s what it looked like before.


That looks pretty much like profreehost’s one now

You see why?

And now I’m going to use this template :slight_smile: (With perm. of @ManuTheCoder)