I'd like to delete my account

I know i will not be using this site for the site i signed up for and would like to just delete it completely. Is there a way?

Hello @azachent.

We are sad to see you leaving. Is there a reason why you have decided to stop using our hosting? Or you have found a paid hosting.

Anyways you cannot delete your account. You must wait about 2 months without being active and then it may get deleted automatically. We cannot delete user hosting accounts immediately for legal reasons.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask them here.


yeah, services aren’t bad because (duh they are free lol) just too small for what i need, i was anticipating a small amount of data but was grossly mistaken. Id use this for something smaller and thats all. i just want that account deleted.

thanks for letting me know. and no worries, its not for good. just not for that particular project i will not be using it.