Icons not showing

When I visit: my site @: http://33.epizy.com/oxwall/, it’s like this:

when it’s supposed to look like this:

Same goes for the PM system. Icons are missing.

@Admin, can you please disable mod_security (strict configurations) to off on my server. Thanks in advance.

Your site seems to be working fine from here. Please try to clear your browser cache.

We cannot disable mod_security. It has been installed to protect your website and our infrastructure and disabling it would create many problems.

I tried. The icons will still not show. Any help? Thanks in advanced.

Try logging in.

Do you want me to PM the login info?

Here’s my login info: LOGIN DETAILS - Pastebin.com

I can’t find the relevant window on your website. Most browsers have developer tools with a Network tool which shows which requests are made from a page. Using it, you should be able to find the how your browser tries to load the icons and with that be able to get some error message or error code as to why it doesn’t load. Finding that is the first step to restoring the icons.

I did what you said @Admin, but I found no errors. Everything seems to working fine besides the icons.

The icons cannot be loaded due to what seems to be a permissions issue. Can you please lookup the image files and check whether they have the correct permissions? Permission 644 should be fine, anything with a 0 on the end is bad.

Okay. I’ll check

Why is your website redirecting to securesignupoffers?

I feel like group of scammers are using Infinityfree service…