Icons, carousel banner and dropdown

Hello, I am new to this free hosting website. Please kindly help me to solve these problems…

*My icons from font awesome are not showing.
*Carousel in home page doesn’t work properly.
*As well as dropdown for the logout

I think the problem is in the plugins, but how do I clear up this issue?
Thank u :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum

Your fonts files should be located at this address http://lifestyleclothingcompany.42web.io/fontawesome/webfonts/

but the webfonts directory does not exist at all

script http://lifestyleclothingcompany.42web.io/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js

no js directory here http://lifestyleclothingcompany.42web.io/bootstrap/js/
and relevant content inside


Please upload all required content (files and directories).

We recommend the use of this FTP client
(because monstaFTP sometimes knows not to do the job when uploading multiple files )


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