I would like to take or restore my site files ... Please help me

I tried to log in to the file manager to get the site files back but it gives me an error and now my account has been suspended … Can you give me my site files?

That depends on why the account was suspended. What does the client area say about the account suspension?

I don’t care about anything else, I just want to get my site files back …

After your account suspension is over, you can get the files from the fine manager or an FTP cliant.

It does not help … I get an error whenever I try to download it

Is your account still suspended?

Can you please send your URL?

So again: check the client area. It tells you what to do next.

As for your question: I can’t give your your site files. But the people from the account review team can. Or you can get them yourself if the account is reactivated.

But to do that, you need to check the client area and see how you can do either of those things.


URL what ?

Haha are you kidding me ??
You are the owner of (infinityfree) website and you cannot get my site files !!!

Caution: The files are not in the file specified in the site, they are in the …

if it was EP overuse just wait a bit lol dont overreact it isnt the end of the world

Your website… (www.yourdomain.tld)

InfinityFree websites are technically hosted by iFastNet

I am not sure what you mean here

WebyDev is correct, just wait the 24 hour suspension and than you can get your files.

I kinda disagree and agree.
InfinityFree is a reseller of iFastNet LTD, meaning iFastNet hosts websites for InfinityFree, but InfinityFree itself is owned by Admin.

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InfinityFree has basically no control over your files if iFastNet sees you overused EP, that’s why he’s saying that because if iFastNet suspends it, not even InfinityFree is able to access the files.

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I think half your problem is that your using the online file manager. Downloading things from it don’t tend to go well. Your best option is to download an FTP Client and download the files using that.

But like everyone else has been saying, you need to wait for the suspension to finish first before you can do anything.


I can get your files if I really want to. But I don’t, because we have procedures for this, and none of them involve me getting your files for you after mocking me in the community support forum.


I didn’t laugh at you … but I was very surprised at your response … generally thank you all for helping me.

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