I wanted to link my domain but it say this


The selected custom domain is already in use on hostheberg.xyz. Please remove the custom domain from your account at hostheberg.xyz before you can host it on InfinityFree.

i checked it on domain checker and it say this(and i use namecheap for the domain) :

Your domain is using epizy.com nameservers.

This is recommended, so all is good!

  1. Try again
  2. Check for deactivated accounts
  3. Check on another MyOwnFreeHost provider

It means that your domain is already there on an active account in the iFastNet network.
Can you share your domain name?

That OK, but you need to remove the domain from hostheberg.xyz.

Kindly share your domain name so that Admin can check!


its true that i have it on iFastNet network so how can i remove it?

Login to the control panel of hostheberg.xyz. Go to Domains section. Click on Remove button beside where your domain is listed.

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on my cpanel.hostheberg.xyz?

OFC (Of course

hmm it say : domain is a reseller domain, and can not be removed using the VistaPanel

Contact support


can the admin delete my account pls from Ifast?

Nope, he doesn’t have access to your mofh reseller and he will never ever do that. Your domain, your responsibility…


No, I have just as much ability to do this as you do. We both would have to ask iFastNet to do this for us.

The only difference is that you can prove that you own the domain name if they ask for proof, which I obviously can’t do.


They would ask to remove byet nameserver as proof. just info.


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