I want to totally remove my domain from infinityfree. but i dont know how

Website URL: https://www.nilakas.com/

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Well you can just remove it from the hosting account

You can remove your domain name from any (active) account at any time by logging in to the control panel and removing the domain from the Addon Domains, Subdomains or Parked Domains pages.

If you already deactivated the account, you’ll need to reactivate the account to regain access to the control panel and delete the account.

If your account is suspended, you’ll either need to wait for it to be reactivated or for it to be deleted completely for the domains to be released.

But as soon as the domain is removed from the account, it’s available to be added to other accounts.

Note that if you’re trying to move away from our hosting, you don’t need to remove the domain from our hosting. All you need to do is update your domain’s DNS settings to move it away from our nameservers and not point to our IP addresses anymore.

I see your domain name is using both Cloudflare nameservers and our nameservers. So before you delete your domain, I strongly recommend to remove our nameservers from your domain first, and update your DNS records at Cloudflare to point the domain to your new hosting first.


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