I want to shift to ifastnet

Hello , I have a question … i want to shift to ifastnet servers because of lot of suspension.
I have a question , can i use my free existing domain name from epizy and use ifastnet server ??
I like my subdomain and i doesnt want to chnage.

Yes! Most they explicitly state that it’s easy to migrate your website from any hosting service to here. Most hosting services make it easy to migrate existing websites, so that won’t be a big problem.

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Ok …pls i want your answer more specific about epizy domains by infinity free …can i use that domain names in ifastnet server.

If you have an existing free hosting account, iFastNet can migrate everything to their premium servers. That includes any free subdomains assigned to that account.

Once the account is on iFastNet, you can’t create new epizy.com subdomains. But you don’t need to worry about your existing domain names being stuck on free hosting.


Ok thank you now i am going to buy my subdomain and pray i dont suffer any problem😂…Thank you

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