I want to reactivate my account


Showing that my account is suspended

Account suspended isuue

I want to reactivate my account because I am just using for my personal use not for commercial use. I just made this website just by seeing YouTube tutorials. I am beginner and learning to code. Please reactivate my website

No one can help you here.
Raise support ticket from client area if option is available.
Otherwise, wait 24 hours for suspension to be lifted


Commercial use is not forbidden. Reselling the hosting is not allowed, and if your company depends on the site I strongly recommend premium hosting, but if you accept the risks of free hosting, you can use it for your company.


Chat scripts are not allowed on free hosting. Your website is now simply broken, but it risks suspension again.


Why ? I am just using for personal use.
Is there any way to tackle this situation but without paying any money.
I am just learning web-development. I am doing for my own experiments.
Please help me regarding this :pray:

Because PHP chat scripts work by constantly refreshing the page in the background to fetch new messages. This is very stressful on the servers, even with few users.

That’s why the rules are simple: no chat scripts. No matter what you’re using for or how you’re building it, chat is is not allowed.

It depends on what your goal is.

If your goal is to have a place to chat with friends, I would suggest to just set up a Discord server. If you want to self host a chat server, maybe there is a different hosting service that does allow it.

If you want to try building a PHP chat scripts, we can’t stop you. But if you’re just doing it for the experience, why not just run it locally on XAMPP or something instead of abusing someone else’s servers for it?


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