I want to build my site from uploading a script, but I don't even know how to write a script or were to start from, I'm frustrated

Please who can help with writing and installing a script like an investment website…I so suck at anything web development, scripts and all that. Good compensation is going to be available.

Hello! I will be happy to help.
What do you need help on.

I’m mainly good a HTML, CSS, and JS. (especially bootstrap)
If you want a backend one, I can do it for you, but the options are limited

A great place where you can start learning ANY coding language is https://www.w3schools.com (w3schools)

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Thanks for the info…it means a lot. But do you know how investments sites work?, I guess I need a quick setup at the time, though I’ll try to learn from the site link you dropped, but at my pace.

It’s ok, I mean no pressure.
Ok, well I don’t really know how they work (like, honestly, I’m in 9-10th grade), but I could help you if you need any assistance!
My email is [email protected]
If you prefer to ask me questions via discord, my username is elementgaming#5821

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