I want my old Backup

this is my old site id epiz_24736850 this id is disactivat in 20 jan if posssible activet the this id & give me backup of this site with database plz help out me i have no backup of this site in my computer

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If it is past 60 days, it is permenantly gone. No turning back. However if it hasn’t been 60 days, go to the control panel and look for your website account. Click on that and there should be a link to stop it from being deleted.


The account was disabled and removed for inactivity a few weeks go. And when we say removed, we really mean removed. When we delete an account, everything on that account is deleted. So we don’t have your website anymore either.


Than now what solutions about data

I don’t have any solutions for your data. We don’t have your data, and you say you don’t have the data anymore either. So unless someone else has a copy of your data too, nobody has the data.


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