I want my account deleted from free hosts and all other affiliated website as my account is getting suspended daily

I Want My Account Be Deleted From the free hosts including byethost because I want to switch to other and I am getting error written
The Website sparshtecher.eu.org is already on another free hosts
So, It’s a humble request to delete the following account with the email:-
[email protected]
My username:- epiz_29728765
My Domain Name:- http://sparshtecher.eu.org

I am not promoting any website,just giving the screenshot

If you’re having trouble signing up with MyOwnFreeHost, please contact iFastNet directly. They can remove the domain name for you.

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Is that domain on an InfinityFree account? You need to remove it from the control panel first than.

You might have signed up for free hosting on the buet cluster, which you may not remember. Yes contacting iFastNet will help. Also note that this is not the MOFH forum.

For anyone else reading this, the reason SPARSHTECHER.EU.ORG is asking this question here is because the domain is locked to a suspended account at InfinityFree. See this topic for details:

I was very thankful to cloudflare😊
My website is now out of here
Changed the nameservers

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