I want info about MySQL at CPanel available with InfinityFree hosting

Hey There,
I am working on a personal project for my resume for that I want an Online SQL database. I have researched much and got to a result that this website provides an unlimited database. But I have seen many blog posts that InfinityFree blocks the hosting plan or any account which have high traffic is that correct. I only want to get information since I don’t want to lose my account or database after getting many users.

Remote database connections won’t work, so you have to host your site here

And inspite of the fact that everything is unlimited here hut there are still some other limits like Inodes usage (no. of files you can store), daily hits, cpu usage etc.

So, if you will have a site with high traffic then you should go for premium hosting instead of free because your site will get suspended due to reaching those limits.


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