I want email id

hi i want a email id of my domain due to i dont have money i cant get i fast net premium is there any other ways to get an email id

Use improvMX


help me to setup …please

Go here, sign up for an account, and then add the MX and SPF records on their respective sections on the Control Panel as the page on ImprovMX says. Also, please note that ImprovMX is just a free email forwarding service, and is not an email hosting. If you want a free email hosting consider signing up for Yandex.Connect (or Zoho if you have a paid TLD).


help me with this i dont know how to configure these

The DKIM record configuration can be skipped, because TXT records aren’t supported on free hosting unless you use your own nameservers. For the MX record put it on the “MX Records” section of the Control Panel, while the first TXT record is a SPF record and thus can be created on the “SPF Records” section of the Control Panel.


any problems occur?

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