I`ve set a secure conection but it dosen`t work


This site can’t provide a secure connection

singleactionpatrickfloydgarrett.kesug.com sent an invalid response.


I setup up the SSL/TLS yesterday and theCNAME _acme-challenge.singleactionpatrickfloydgarrett.kesug.com. ecf37424-dfdf-4d48-b560-ab179649e8aa.acmedns.infinityfree.net (https://cpanel.infinityfree.com/panel/modules-new/cnamerecords/rem.php?site=_acme-challenge.singleactionpatrickfloydgarrett.kesug.com.13566409&destination=ecf37424-d aswell
However it dosen`t work can any body help me with this pleaes.

HI there,
Did you requested and installed the SSL certificate?

Having a CNAME record only doesn’t secure your site.


Yes i did so i`m not sure what the problem is. :confused:

Not according to SSL checker tools:

Try clicking the automatic installation button again:

If automatic installation is failing, you can manually install it by getting the private key and certificate, and then following the tutorial linked in that area:

This should also help you verify if it’s correctly installed, by going to the control panel’s SSL/TLS section, you can see if the certificate is installed for your website or if it’s empty.


looks like its working now thaks to every one for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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