I try, I can't fix Error's Cloud flare

only use Full when you already have SSL on your control panel.

To enable Full mode, you need any self-signed SSL certificate in your control panel. Then activate FULL mode on Cloudflare.


i start use cloud flare when my friend attack my web site using tool ‘Hammer.py’, he was send bot’s to my web :frowning:
cloudflare have a lot problem,i re change it from Full to Flexible

i make it Full,when first time create my web site,it’s CSS not work in my web when turn HTTPS, i make it Full and fixed
but my web in first i was work very good (fast and no problem), but when i remove wordpress and i reinstall it,this problem appear
Bad Gateway
Web Server is down
SSL Handshake

i think reinstall my web, and disable and enable my web :cry:

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I just looked up your domain’s DNS records and I found out that you have set wrong your DNS records, you have 8 nameservers set.

To solve the currently Bad Gateway and Server is Down errors, please only use these as a nameserver:


To solve SSL Handshake error,
If you use Softaculous installer, make sure you reinstall Wordpress with https if you have SSL

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Enable the Under Attack Mode from Cloudflare Dashboard, this can also help you to stop bots.

That won’t work since you don’t have an origin certificate on the infinityfree server. You will get a SSL handshake failed for sure

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Hi,I’m back !
I hope this time fixed !!

What i did?

I remove and re-add domain
I change name server from Freenom to ns1.epizy.com && ns2.epizy.com
I remove my web from cloud flare and i re-add it (I still wait 48hours)
I don’t still install word press
72 Hours is done for DNS per

CloudFlare Error - It’s back :cry:

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

my web : lizoumappercs.ga

By MOD - download video here https://d29hzik3xqzv4r.cloudfront.net/original/2X/0/0a0c97e378f0333c81ad4eb7f81e4ffdf5ae0c67.avi

Your site is working fine for me and i am not able to watch video.

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I corrected the video URL - the forum does not have the ability to display this type of video
so I made a video file for download

test now

By MOD - download video here https://d29hzik3xqzv4r.cloudfront.net/original/2X/0/0a0c97e378f0333c81ad4eb7f81e4ffdf5ae0c67.avi

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Had you checked this article How to make Cloudflare Flexible SSL work with WordPress - Docs - InfinityFree Forum
As i saw you are using cloudflare so those errors might be caused by the wrong modification of cloudflare.
I also saw err_too_many_redirects error in your video that mean you haven’t configured ssl properly or you might be using redirect rules from cloudflare and also doing redirects from your control panel or .htaccess file.


solved thx

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