I tried to run multiple cron jobs at the same time but it is not working ! help!

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Cron jobs not running at the same time why ?

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I am trying to run multiple cron jobs at the same time with each less than 5 sec but it is not working please help !

What do you mean “it is not working”? What do you see?

i mean none of the scripts actually run, and they all are under 4 seconds

So I repeat my question: what do you see?

The conclusion “none of the scripts actually run” could be caused by many different things.

You say that the cron jobs don’t work if you run them at the same time. So do they work if you run them at different times? Do they work if you only have one cron job active? And if so, which one?

actually, if i just visit the file from my browser tab bar the script works fine, but when i set it in a cron job not all of them works at different times and none of them works at the same time, What i want is to make them work at the same time, if that is not possible try to make them work all of them at different times but one after the other but none is working properly or just one script works or 2 but not all of them in case of different time

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