I successfully made my website, but I can't update it, more like a static website!

Hello, everything worked fine for me and my website is actually a thing but…
When I want to update my website, with new content and images, and upload them through Filezilla, the upload happens, but new changes doesn’t apply on my website

  • Is there a way or a button to actually /update/ changes?
  • What did I do wrong?

Did you clear your browser cache?

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By default, our servers push quite strong cache headers to the browsers of visitors. In most cases, this is good, because it makes your website load faster for visitors and saves you server power (so your site can handle more traffic).

But it does mean that changes to your site may take a little bit longer to take effect. But as @KangJL said: clearing your browser cache (or checking the site in private browsing mode) circumvents this.


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