I paid hosting with ifastnet, but the database we use is from infinityfree

muy buen día que pena la molestia, pero es que tenemos un inconveniente, justamente hoy compramos un hosting de pago, pero tenemos el inconveniente que la base de datos que esta en infinityfree, lo que sucedío fue que alcanzamos los limites de la CPU, hicimos la configuracion de Ifastnet pero la base de datos sigue sujeto a infinityfree, no se que prohabilidad habría que nos habilitaran el servicio antes de esas 24 horas, solo la base de datos

Very good day that is worth the trouble, but it is that we have a problem, just today we buy a paid hosting, but we have the problem that the database that is in infinityfree, what happened was that we reached the limits of the CPU, we did the configuration of Ifastnet but the database is still subject to infinityfree, I don’t know what probability it would be that they would enable the service before those 24 hours, only the database

Hi there,

First of all this is an International Forum meaning you should talk in English or try to talk or you can use a Translator.

Can you please double check whether the database you are using or connected to is the premium database and not the free hosting one?
Have you also already moved your database to the premium one?

Well since you already paid for the premium plan you can get professional premium support from iFastNet. Also you can request them to transfer/migrate your site for you so you don’t have to do any hassle in migrating your site yourself.
You can contact them by going to their Support Page (support.ifastnet.com)

Hope this helps!


thanks for the clarification

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