I noticed something that's a bit of a problem for premium hosting (Note: this is on your end not mi

So sometimes (it doesn’t happen much but still when it does it really messes me up) when I delete or replace a .css file or other file it doesn’t get deleted or replaced right away and this is a problem :confused: and I had to delete one of my addon domains then add it back because even the html files weren’t deleting or replacing. And when I deleted the addon domain and added it again it made where I upload them in this directory /home/[user] and that’s a problem cause I can only upload files with the online file manager and I prefer using Filezilla and I can’t upload .htaccess files with the online file manager -_- + I can’t upload multiple files at the same time with the online file manager. Is there a way I can log into my main ftp account that came when I signed up for xvhost? Cause it didn’t give me the password for that ftp account and also can you fix the problem with the files not deleting and replacing right away?

If you need any help with XVHOST, please submit a ticket through your client area. We’re happy to help you and we can do so more effectively through a ticket.