I not getting ssl certificate

Username epiz_32357366 or Website URL localplayer.42web.io

Error Message

There is no message

Other Information

I followed exactly all steps according to: How to create the CNAME records for free SSL topic. I copyed the fields Record Name and Destination in mi cpanel, in records Cname i added, and 2 days past, but nothing, like topic says You can check the client area again in an hour. If you set the CNAME records correctly, it should say Ready next to Current Destination. My current destination says not ready, what happen here?

Can you provide a screenshot?


Screenshot of what part exactly, cpanel cname records setting or ssl certificate dns record page?

Maybe both.

I’ve checked your website and I found out you are providing links (via 1fichier) to download “cracks” (pirated games), and that is against the ToS (sections 7 and 10) and illegal to host or use, so please remove this illegal content or your account will be terminated and you will be barred from using InfinityFree.


The control panel where you entered the CNAME records, and the SSL page in the client area where those CNAME records are displayed


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