I need help

Hi every one, i was using website building platform so i decided to move in here, the thing is that my website became unsecure and it get worse when i tried several times to extract a SSL certificate but it keeps telling me that it’s failed :frowning:
I deleted my domains from infinityfree but the problem still ongoing.
I want some help guys i don’t wanna lose my website :frowning: .

Are you trying to use ssl or leave infinityfree?

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i want to install ssl but it’s not working at all

it keeps showing me this message every time

This site can’t provide a secure connection

-----.com sent an invalid response.


I tried to install with sslforfree and many others but DNS records verification method doesn’t work at all !!

I think you are trying to do this wrong.

Use this link to add an SSL certificate in InfinityFree
Let me know if this helps!

Thank you greenreader, i tried it but the status still
No SSL certificate was found

should i wait for it or it should be instant?

don’t leave infinityfree. people here are very helpful!
see the step by step procedure, be patient



I won’t, I’ll wait till tomorrow to see DNS changes and hope it worke :frowning:

Here is the video that explains the process, he does a good job showing and explaining what you need to know.

Add SSL certificate in InfintyFree


It wooooooorks
so thankful greenreader i owe you :')


thank you all guys i’m so happy now :slight_smile:


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