I need help from hosting support

how to install free ssl certificate, in free hosting, I have tried but I am not allowed to do so please thank your help thanks.

my dominio is: doramas.me

I’m pretty sure that you are allowed to upload certificates of any recognized SSL vendor, including ones which provide them for free.

Can you please clarify what exactly make you believe that we don’t allow you to install a free SSL certificate? How are you trying to add it, and what do you see when you try to do that?

when I’m trying to add the free certificate of Lets Encrypt obtained through the following tool: https://www.sslforfree.com/, in the cpanel, I input the key, the certificate crt and the cra, but it tells me that the encryption of the password is higher than 2048 and therefore it is not accepted for free hosting

In that case, it appears that sslforfree.com generates private keys which are too big. If so, you may need to generate a new certificate. But this time, you may want to generate the private key and CSR from the control panel, and then enter the CSR in sslforfree.com so they can sign it.

Hi, thanks for your answers, I need to know something, he has changed the dns of my old hosting in the panel of the domain provider for those provided by you, but this site is inaccessible, do you want to know what is this?

I have installed wordpress but I can not access the wordpress panel

The error shown is:

Unable to access this website Unable to find the IP address of the server of doramas.me.
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

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