I need help Bootstrap not loading :(

Hello guys I need some help,

I have uploaded every file to my HTDOCS and its not loading my website. www.skyobserveraus.com

I am getting these errors:

Bootstrap need jQuery

in your code name is

But look at the name of that file here

Thank you, I have just changed that. now in my js.

Can you check? also still does not seem to wanna load :frowning:

You’re missing actually a lot of files (see 0 Byte)

Not only JS but you missing CSS files also

Install Firefox and open with F12 (Dev Tools) your website
and look at Console and Network tab (plus refresh)

Okay im re uploading all files and check then :slight_smile:

I have now checked and it’s missing some fonts. If you have the fonts, reupload them in the fonts folder.

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