I need Forums help Related to my website

i have website installed smf in it am using gmail as an email webmaster when users register in my forums they recieves registration email to verify and that email comes in spam folder why ? any way to fix this issue i m really pissed of these i set mail priority to 1 before it was spam after this still it is in spam folder -_- any other way ?? to fix @Admin also bytecluster.com didnt encrypt my mail how to set standard encryptions in smf ?
auto ?

My website (infintiyfree host) - https://dopenews.xyz//forums

If your email is classified as Spam,we can’t do anything…


well? when i send someones mail using self signed email it doesnt show anything wrong with it but when i uses my website forums every mail user recives in spam only dopenews.xyz/forum only in this.

In your screenshot, it shows that you’re using your Gmail address as the sending address. If Gmail gets an address which says it’s from a Gmail address, but it’s not actually sent by Gmail, that’s very weird.

Can you try setting the sender address to something on your own domain? Like [email protected]?

More importantly why didn’t you hide your email and why did you censor the sending email?


but i dont have email account for my free host ? also i have no access to create email account in free hosting :frowning:

now am using other mail server to send mail have done everything recieving mail on here sent mail but still there is encrpytion problem
bytecluster.com didnt not encpryt this message @admin Please help me with this

one another important thing i wanna tell You that i am using filezilla for ftp
but am now unable to connect my server to because its saying me that in ftpupload.net have trojan in it is -_- virus why ?@admin

both are mine :slight_smile:

The admin cannot be mentioned

Thankfully, email accounts are only relevant for receiving emails. You don’t need an email account to send email on your own domain.

But setting up a service to receive email does tend to improve deliverability, so it’s a good idea to set it up anyways.

That’s not possible. Byetcluster.com is a domain name from our email platform. If you’re using a different provider to send email, then the email will not have arrived from byetcluster.com. If it says byetcluster.com, you’re sending the email from our server, not from your other provider.

The lack of email encryption is a known limitation. It should be fixed. But to be honest, if you’re serious about email, you’ll want a different email provider to send email, because our mail service is heavily restricted.

Why don’t you ask “its” why? I’m telling you our FTP server is safe and that anyone who says differently is probably mistaken. I don’t know why some virus scanner is making mistakes.


@admin okey thanks mate

As there’s no email accounts, he uses gmail account.

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