I need enable functions

How can I enable the following PHP functions?

  1. exec
  2. escapeshellarg
  3. proc_open
  4. popen
  5. set_time_limit

Other Information

I would like to know how to enable PHP functions or if it can be activated manually by administrators or servers in charge. I’ve been looking but I couldn’t find the php.ini file or a configuration that allows me to make these changes, except for the PHP version change and Alter PHP Config.


I am sorry, php functions/extensions cant be enabled.

This has been locked for every account and can’t be changed


Oh, so this website would not be ideal for having php scripts? Except for the typical ones offered by Softaculous such as Wordpress.

Not all scripts require these functions, and those have been disabled for security reasons

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Ok, thx.
It’s a shame but I guess I get it.

freehostingnoads.net allows shell_exec and exec, not sure about the other functions you listed. Unfortunately, the free plan does not allow outgoing HTTP connections and cron jobs.

Oh, great!
I try and test the website

nice, good luck!

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