I need a function that can change my main subdomain quickly

.great-site.net is now unavaliable in China, I have to move my site to a new domain.
Moving files with FTP is so slow. I want a function that can change my main domain to another free subdomian.

If you use the copy-paste in FileZilla, it should move fairly fast.

And you can always just let it run while you eat or play a game or something.


Thanks, copy and paste in the online file manager is fast enough, I think the main reason is some of the IP of FTP server was banned, so copy and paste is slow in China, but the server of online file manager isn’t in china.

I don’t think so. If that was true, there would be a lot more complains here. Can you share the logs from FileZilla?


I can copy everything, but it’s really slow…
I’m using SmartFTP, which was also recommended in cPanel
Sometimes it says “远程主机强迫关闭了一个现有连接”, I don’t know how to translate this into English

An other possible reason is that I’m copying the whole site which contains thousands of files, but the online file menager (filemanager.ai) just ask the server to do everything automaticlly, so it’s much faster than normal FTP

If you want to go fast, please make sure to move the files, don’t copy them. Moving an entire directory with all contents is a single operation in FTP, so it can be done in seconds.

FTP cannot actually copy files, so the only way to copy files is to downloading everything from the old folder and upload it to the new one.


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