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Your website is perfectly fine for me.


Hello Frank,

Sorry I made an error when trying to post my question.

I have a Wordpress website. I have an account with Microsoft/Bing ads. They want me to place a conversion tracking tag in the header of my website. I was wondering if someone could tell me how I would go about doing that?

Thank you.

Try manually modifying your current theme’s header.php. (Located in <wp install path>/wp-content/<your theme name>.)

You should be able to find the <head> tag and put your code between it (and </head>.)

Though I don’t know if it will work, cuz we have special security system, but please try the method above first.


Thank you for the information Frank.

I will give it a try.

If you start modifications theme files directly, just note that you are probably going to have to re-as whatever code you are adding every time you update the theme (And possible after major WordPress updates).

I would recommend just installing a lightweight plug-in that supports adding code to the header. Back when I used WordPress, I recall there was a good one called “Headers and Footers”. Of course, that’s just memory, and it was over a year go so things may have changed.


That plugin’s name has changed and also the developers behind it changed, but in complex it’s the same plugin. I remember it was called “Insert Headers and Footers”; the URL for the plugin is still this:


You can avoid this trouble if you create a child theme


Thank you for the information everyone. Over the weekend I will try to do this/

Thank you

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