I hope infinityfree can support CA

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My website URL is regcc.iblogger.org
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A certificate without CA Chains are not trusted by a lot of browsers now (I found Chrome、EDGE、and each Andorid browsers in China…) I searched on the Internet and used online tools to complete the certificates; But apply was failed ( I searched on the forum and found it’s un supported) That made me have to explain the reason of this kind of warn, So I hope infinityfree can support CA Chains.Or I wonder Why it not be supported.

Thank you in advance.
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I try to upload the picture( But may failure )
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What you you mean by that? CA chains are nowhere near required to have a secure website, and a single-domain SSL certificate from a trusted provider is perfect fine and secure. Can you share your sources for this?

CA chains are not supported here because of how the hosting system managed certificates for connected domains.


Looks like you are using a google trust services certificate.

I have a China friend and i have a website hosted on infinityfree using google ca, they are prompted saying the ca is invalid

After i switched to gogetssl, the error was solved.

I think the issue is that devices on China does not have google’s ca included in their trust stores


It is weird.
My records showed that Google Trust can be trusted (Which works as the edge certificate for my current website. On CloudFlare of course). But all InfinityFree Google Trusts isn’t trusted in China.


Because google trust services can chain up to GlobalSign, which is trusted by China.

However, since InfinityFree does not support intermediate certificates, and the device does not have the intermediates, it becomes untrusted


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The URL: I hope infinityfree can support CA - Hosting Support - InfinityFree Forum
I readed the replies,and I know the reason approximately. Thanks for help. But I wonder how to solve the problem. The CA chains are indeed need in China. I apply some pictures.

Thank you in advance.

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CA support is out of our control, unfortunately, and to my knowledge there are no plans to add it.

Our default SSL provider for free subdomains is Google Trust, but that provider seems to cause problems for visitors from China. But you can request a new SSL order and choose the SSL provider ZeroSSL or GoGetSSL instead (click the Advanced Options on the creation form to see the selection box).


OK ,I won‘t be that next time. Thank you.

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OK,I will try it.Thank you.

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Yes.Please.Thank you again.