I have Problem In My Domain

I have Problem in my Host
I have a paid Domain Name : **Heshamm.com **
I am saved it in addon domain
but when i am access to my domain Heshamm.com
it direct me to this Domain : parked-domain.org
Please Fix it
Thanks …

Hello @Hisham.

What you experienced was an process called DNS Propagation. Which means that when a domain’s nameservers are changed your website will not be instantly viewable to everyone. Some people can access and view domains whom nameservers have been changed only recently however for other Internet users it may take even 3 days.

Right now your domain is working fine for me and I can see a WordPress installation in your website.

Are you still getting redirected?

You just have to wait. If waiting does not work then clear your browser cache or flush dns on Command Prompt with command: ipconfig /flushdns

Also you can take a look at this article for better understanding about DNS Propagation.

Have a good day!