I have facing a problem that my Cname record not found, and not ready is shown about 72 hours

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Please solve my issue
My Cname record not found
and not ready is shown in ssl window
Please help me.
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Could you please provide your domain name? Also, are you seeing any errors?


Please send a screenshot of the CNAME record you are supposed to add, and a screenshot of the control panel’s SSL section.


I see there is a pending order for the domain amazonmall.com with a missing CNAME record.

However, I also see that:

  • The domain amazonmall.com is not assigned to your hosting account.
  • The nameservers on the domain are from markmonitor.com, a company that primarily does brand protection for other big companies.
  • The WHOIS info shows the domain is owned by Amazon.

So do you actually own the domain amazonmall.com? If so, please setup the nameservers at MarkMonitor.

And please understand that you cannot get SSL certificates for domains you don’t have.


My website url is
There are a lot or errors please solve these errors.

No errors here:


Just as Admin said:


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