I have EPP code for my domain. What next

pranay.one is my domain name. I have got epp code. I want this website to be hosted on infinityfree. What are the steps.
(please specify the website or account you are asking about)


I didn’t find ur answer helpful!

Oh, That’s cool, Did you read through the article? Because it tells you that you can’t transfer your domain to use, If you dig around the knowledge base, You will find some answers:


EPP Code for transfer your domain from your current domain provider to another domain provider. & you must pay transfer fee to that another domain provider.

InfinityFree isn’t a domain provider, but a hosting provider.

Maybe you mean to pointing your domain to your hosting account on InfinityFree.
You can just change your domain nameserver to ns1.epizy.com & ns2.epizy.com. To do that, you must login to your domain provider & find NameServer menu.


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