I hate epizy

i created a website with you and am kinda disappointed in the fact that the URL is domainname.EPIZY.com and not domainname.com please help me fix this.

the reason i want this is because it is impossible for people to search my buisnessdirectly without knowing epizy and thinking im unprofessional

Don’t start a post with “I hate epizy”, thats a bit far. Go to the control panel and find domains section and click “Addon domains” then type in a new domain and click add domain, Your nameservers must point to epizy by using these:


but i dont want to point to epizy i want to get a nnormal name.com website

@jakepatow You have to point your “Nameservers” on your domain provider to epizy. If you want a domain please consider buying one off a provider or use Freenom (they provide free domains)

Than you need to buy a .com domain from a service like NameCheap. “Normal” domains are not free, and cost around $10 per year. If you buy a domain, you can use it on your website by pointing its nameservers to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com like @CoolGozo69 said.

You can use this guide for more information:
How to add your own domain to your account - InfinityFree Knowledge Base


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