I got error and my website and admin panel is not showing 44 error

Website URL


Error Message

We couldn’t find that page)

Other Information

(Softaculous is temporarily not available. This could be because your account is not active or because you have reached the inode limit. If this issue persists, please contact us on the Community Forum.)

How can I resolve this issue ASAP

Do you have a htdocs folder?


Hey there!

Make sure you have the index file in the htdocs folder. And like @anon50163844 mentioned, make sure you’ve got the htdocs folder. If either of these methods doesn’t work, make a backup of the htdocs folder, delete the folder and recreate it.


Files manager is not opening ftp login error, I don’t know how to login ftp login page

Click on that button, and It’ll take you to the file manager.

Also, you can try to login by using an FTP client like FlieZilla.


Now I clicked on files manager button and then showing ftp login page , how to login us I don’t know

I’m using mobile , and I think FlieZilla PC software

First of all, You can find your FTP login credentials by heading to ftp details.

And if you’ve opened more than one file manager on the browser tab, please close all of them and try again.


Yes it’s a PC software.

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I entered the correct details on ftp page but failed

What does the error message say? Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

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says authentication failed now try again in 5 minutes

Are you sure you entered the right credentials? If so, please try clearing your browser history and try again.


What to write in this last option "initial directory "

You can write htdocs on it but on default filemanager load it.

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How can I share screenshot here?

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In my side upload button not showing

Check the bottom line.

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