I got banned because i upload a gangs game (php script)

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R u serious ??? Because i upload a php script that having gangster game u suspended me ??? I have 3 hosting u can block the last host only why u block all ??? What a cheap system am just learning on ur host and u doing this stupid laws ??? Come on we are a kids ???

Did you read the ToS?

If you are sure that your account is not violating it, you can create a ticket


Am waiting their reply, i just want to know what’s my fault ??? And they should block only the host that i upload wrong this “as they said” not my all 3 hosts
Am gonna take my files and go to many other host

What do you mean by 3 hosts? If you mean 3 sites in a same account and yes, that’s how our systems worked. But if you mean 3 different hosting accounts then it was probably our mistake.

First of all, according to what you have said, you are uploading a ganster game, which contains an illegal activity, and then violates this:

You will not use this Site or the Services in a manner (as determined by InfinityFree in its sole and absolute discretion) that:

  • Is illegal, or promotes or encourages illegal activity;

Secondly, you have uploaded a game in php. That means it will be run in the server, and might consume a lot of server power. We don’t allow this and of course we will suspend your account.

And the act of using php script to produce a game violates this:

Scripts on the site must be designed to produce web-based content, and not to use the server as an application server.

Don't look at this --- Continue at your own risk




Have you saw what’s the problem ??
1- I won’t share this game i have written it’s for learning…

2- it’s a gangster photo and words so whats the matter ??? It’s just like anime , i hope u know what they banned me the u can comment, none of what u said was correct, thanks for ur help

I need to know the reason ,

And the can block only the 3rd website i upload not all of them ( i use 3 websites in same host )

And if u talking it’s ur company rules and u proud , what if it was ur company fault because of ur weak system ?

The reason is your violated the ToS, as @Frank419 says:

Same thing:

If you have all 3 websites under the same Hosting Account (either epiz_XXX or if0_XXX), your website will be suspended together.

No one asked you to share, but you game is in PHP, which:

If you did not read the Terms and got suspended, that’s your fault.

Almost every hosts are like that, if you get a plan that allows you to add multiple domains under the same Hosting Account, they will most likely suspend the whole account, and all websites will be suspended together.

Good luck finding one, InfinityFree is one of the best Free Website Hosts.


So that means i cannot take my files at least ,??

And u telling infinityfree is the best ???
I should give comment not u sir , they didn’t educate you ? Customers give the comment not the company its self :joy::joy: , anyways i want to take my files and u can take ur bad host (cheapest host)

U want to see other host free support 8,2 php version and support ssl certificate ?? :joy:

Stay the best ur employees reviews not customers

Personally I’ve seen a lot but they have rather bad service or extra small disk space.

Well, that’s what we excels at.

Also, I wanted to mention that your problem started at why your account is suspended, which part of the ToS you have violated.
Having php 8 and ssl support doesn’t necesarilly means that they will have weaker ToS.


I need some admin to answer me ,
U can have my snapchat so u can talk about ur cheap company as it’s the best ,

So where’s the admins or supervisors here ?

The number one rule for any(even paid) hosting:
Have your own backups.

And yes you cant take your files because it’s suspended.

Nope, it’s one of the best.

I’m not the one of the staff members, so I am a Client/Customer.

This host is free, you should go for a Paid Hosting if you have money, if you don’t have money but just calling everything Cheap, you are the cheapest.

InfinityFree supports that, please think twice before posting.

While InfinityFree in fact does not support that yet, most of the other hosts that supports them aren’t as stable/good as InfinityFree, they mostly lack features such as SSL.


InfinityFree is ran by only ONE person, be patient.

Add on to Admin, there are 2 volunteering moderators on this forum.

Do not that moderators have little to no access to the critical controls of InfinityFree.


You are not a member of the company ?? So why u acting as its ur dad company?? Did i ask u for help ?

I am not.

Because you are saying false info about this company, plus, I did not and never said I am one of the staff

If you didn’t you will not post on this forum and in the “Hosting Support” category :slight_smile:


This is what a support forum is for. People are trying to help you.


Thanks then

Thanks bro

I’m going to interject, whether it’s the right thing to do or not.

We’re not sure what happened, because we are only customers, but acting on prior knowledge that I’ve gained over the past two years of being here, it seems that you uploaded a file that may have been incorrectly flagged by the system, therefore it suspended your account. If you open a ticket, through the Client Area (mind you, this is the Forum), you may at least be able to get a backup, if not your entire Hosting Account reactivated. However, if the team behind the support ticket (not us here in the Forum) decide that the file really is not allowed, they’ll tell you so and most likely just close the ticket there.

Again, I’d like to remind you that these are objective truths; the only information I know about this situation is what you’ve posted here publicly; I / we are in no way affiliated as employees of InfinityFree the business (only Admin is); and we are sorry you have had this poor experience, but hey, you live and you learn.

I’m going to close this topic if we continue to point fingers and throw around accusations and not actually give/receive help.




Let me see if I can clear up any confusion here. But first, let me remind everyone on this topic that getting mad at each other and insulting people. If you see a post like this, please flag it, and do not respond.

Incorrect. While most suspensions trigger for only the single account (fair use, some permanent ones), there are some suspension reasons that trigger for every hosting account under your profile.

Based on the little information I have from this topic, I can make a guess as to what happened (which may or may not be correct). My guess is that one of the files on your account was marked as abusive by an automated system (which has been wrong in the past), leading to a suspension of all your accounts.

The only way to learn weather or not the file is actually abusive of the platform is to have a human look at it, by opening a support ticket (Note: Nobody on this forum can help you with that, not even admin. You must use the support ticket to get an answer for this).

Unfortunately not. We need to make sure that you are not just going to download the files and re-upload them to a brand new hosting account, essentially bypassing the suspension.

However, please note that on all hosting provider (not just InfinityFree), it is highly recommended that you keep and store your own backups of your site to protect against server and drive failure, natural disasters, etc.

As a reminder, only the support desk is going to be able to give you exact answers and possibly restore your account.

If you have any further questions, you can respond here and I’ll do my best to answer them



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