I get this error when using the HTTPS version of my domain

domain - https://rokstailoredpcs.com


The nameservers are pointing to the epziy name servers.
I have used the SSL certificate through the Client area of infinity free .

The SSL certificate has been issued and CNAME records are correct. What is going wrong? When going to http://rokstailoredpcs.com it actually goes to the right website.

It seems your domain doesn’t fully propagated
Please wait around 72 hours (About 3 days)


The http version isn’t existing too… (or did you auto-redirect to https?)

It could also be broken if using CF integration within VPanel…

nope, the NS has not propagated so this is not CF>vPanel integration issue

Well, it’s already been more than 24hrs, yet dns is hardly moving.

CF integration within VPanel can sometimes trip the dns…

I think your right, you see an soa record for rokstailoredpcs.com shows a valid SOA, pointing here, but when trying to dig an A record or anything, it comes blank.
This is probably the use of a dodgy CF integration.

Thanks for the help guys. I am guessing I should just wait a couple days until the DNS has propergated? Or do i actually need to fix something in the Control Panel?

I don’t think this will fix itself. Our nameservers don’t have records for your domain name and won’t have so unless you take action.

Did you use our Cloudflare integration before? If so, please enable it again and then disable it. This will force the recreation of your DNS records.

If that doesn’t work (or you didn’t use Cloudflare before), you can remove the domain name from your account and then add it again. This will also force the recreation of the DNS records.


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