İ forgot my account

I don’t know which account is connected to my domain http://oinkoink.xyz . İ delete my servernames but i dont know my email. Can you give my email i will delete the website.

Your account (website) will be deleted after a period of days if it remains inactive.


Thank you. Shouldn’t take too long, right? 1 week maybe?

30 days.

Ohhh S*it here we go again

A 1 week inactivity timer would be really brutal. It would be mean if people built a website, went away for just a week, and then all data would be gone.

No, the inactivity timer is 60 days. After those 60 days, the account is suspended. And a few days after that, the account and domain is fully deleted.


It’s kind of bad for me to wait that long. Can you check the account email? Can you tell me if you can look?

Please send an email to [email protected] with all the information you have about the account to which this account belongs so we can try to verify you as the account owner.


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