I don't know what to do

Domain for Freenom (bsed3ahrm.ga) //// Domain for Ifastnet (bsed3a.site)

A while ago I bought a domain on Ifastnet because the domain on my freenom is fraud (I don’t know why). And as you can see below (picture) I can’t access the website and also I don’t how to configure the ifastnet domain.

For freenom, when I my status get “Fraud” to them its start to not show my website. That’s why I bought a domain on Ifastnet.

How to migrate my wordpress website to my ifastnet domain?

Thank you have a nice day!


One way to do it is to remove the domain as an Addon Domain and add it back as a Parked Domain. Depending on how your site is built, that may be all you need.

Alternatively, you would have to move (not copy, moving is much faster) all files from the main htdocs folder in your account to the bsed3a.site/htdocs/ folder, which is what your new domain is linked to right now. You can do this with the file manager or an FTP client of your choice.

After that, you may need to update some settings to make sure your site uses the new domain name. The exact steps for this vary depending on how your website is built. With WordPress, it can be done like this:


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