I changed my WordPress folder and i can not reach my page and wp-admin site

So this is my problem.
I created a site like: xyz.rf.gd/wp/
but i want to delete the /wp/ folder in my link. So in wordpress panel i cleared the folder name to get this page: xyz.rf.gd (without /wp/ )

I saved the settings, and from now i cant access my page and admin page.

the official website was: androx.rf.gd/wp/
the new site what i want to create is: androx.rf.gd

thanks for helping! (Sorry for bad english)

You can edit it on MySQL directly.
Go to phpMyAdmin --> wp_options --> siteurl

You can change your site location from xyz.rf.gd/wp/ to xyz.rf.gd

Also Go to wp_options --> home
There you also do the same thing.

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