i cant't view my site ( account is active )

Dear InfinityFree Forum ,

A few days ago i established a new site http://kmaths.epizy.com/

(an educational site) and it was fine but today i can’t view any contents of it and my account is still active

i can log in http://cpanel.epizy.com/ but not http://kmaths.epizy.com/

Disk Space Used 55 MB

Inodes Used 11%

please find away to help or fix it

thank u

The IP address your websited is hosted on,, is currently disabled due to an attack. As soon as the attack is over, the IP address will be reactivated and your website will be available again.

thank u infinityfree ( Administrator ) my site is working now
final request sir
as i said before it’s an educational maths site , very useful and for free as your great service ( algebra , calculus , geometry and more … ) and i wish to keep it for along time , i already made the main content and any future add will be very limited
is there any possible threat to shut it down or delete it
Disk Space Used 52 MB
Inodes Used 11%
wordpress only ( MH Themes )
thank u again Mr ( Administrator )