I can't use my site - DNS problem

I can’t use my site, even after 2 weeks of the DNS change…
The website is cnhfacilrapido.com/

The wordpress is already installed, but no matter what I do, I just can’t access the wordpress panel.
The website shows only ads.

What can I do?

You need to set your domain’s nameservers.

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Actually, is that domain even registered?


While WHOIS says the nameservers are epizy, DNS check does not agree

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Registered in May 13…
ehem is that some unknown crappy registrar that takes weeks to update nameservers?

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Hello. Please contact your domain service provider for assistance, as the issue is on their end. You can also try removing the nameservers and resetting them.

Please see Admins reply below.


all public domain registrars (not popular) one’s take ~ 1 week to update nameservers.


It seems that something went wrong when your hosting account was set up. It seems like you did everything correctly, but for some reason the right DNS records were not created on our end.

There is an easy fix for this though: just go into your account’s control panel and go to Addon Domains. From there, delete the domain from your account, and then add it again. This should force the system to generate the right settings for your domain.

Please note that it can still take up to 72 hours after that for your site to be visible everywhere. But you can use DNS lookup tools to verify that your domain is returning the Website IP shown in the client area. This should work in less than an hour.

That’s because the DNS check you’re running is looking for NS records in our nameservers, which are never set up. If you change it to an A record lookup, it will return results (albeit the IPs of the domain parking service).


Thanks for the answer, I did the process and now I’m waiting.
If it resolves, I come back and update the topic.
Thanks for all replies.

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