I can't upload anything to my website

My account was suspended for 24 hours for using maximum cpu after the reactivation, im not able to upload to server through ftp or anything. every file i upload turns to a 0 KB file.

Which FTp Client you are using? Please wait for some more time in order to reactivate your services including FTP

FileZilla. I have tried uploading through Mosta FTP, the default one in infinityfree but file resized to 0 kb after upload.

Do any of the reasons in this article apply to your file? https://infinityfree.net/support/why-are-my-files-deleted-after-uploading/

No. and i have tried uploading multiple types of files…txt jpg, png, php etc no success

I have checked this issue in more detail, and it is caused by an uploading restriction in effect on your account. This seems to be caused by the excessive amount of user uploads performed on your website. Please remember that using our hosting for file and video sharing sites is not allowed. So please reduce your disk usage, and restrict uploading on your website.

If you need to distribute a lot of (video) files, please use a specialized file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Mediafire for that. Those servers are great and are much better at providing reliable, fast storage space for static files.

I have realized that and have already stopped uploading to the server.
Thank You
One more question, if i upgrade to premium, i.e a shared hosting on infinityfree, what will be the disk space restriction?

The rules are mostly the same, although they aren’t enforced as harshly as they are with free hosting. Premium website hosting is still website hosting, which means it’s intended to host websites, not movie catalogs.

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