I cant update

Hey guys i can’t update my woocommerce why? He said faild


Large plugins like WooCommerce are quite famous for causing these errors. Besides the Knowledge Base article by @anon19508339 you can also chek this for insights:

Who is ‘he’?


He still said error

Can you access your FTP manager? If yes, try to update the woocommerce using ftp manager.

Simply download the updated woocommerce .zip file from the wordpress and then extract the file where the plugin is installed.

How to access frp

Control panel > File Manager

Tell us if you can access or not.

Ok then

Follow the instruction that I’ve posted above.

Ok i know to do that but afraid that my product will disappear

Method 2:
Look for a file called “.maintenance” (notice the “.” in the file name) inside the htdocs or where your wordpress installed and delete it from the file manager. After that, disable first all of your plugins except for woocommerce then try to reupdate again the woocommerce plugin.

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No, it won’t as long as you didn’t delete the folder/plugin. Just update the plugin or folder by overwriting the files. But if you are really afraid of, just take a backup of the plugin folder.

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i just have this

Delete it, and try to reupdate the plugin.

He said update failed there has been a critical error on your website please check your site admin email inbox

Please refer to my first post

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I did that still not working i make the false true

I suppose you tried to update the plugin with Wordpress instead of manually uploading it through FTP.

Please do the following:

  1. Delete the .maintenance file
  2. Download the latest version of WooCommerce and unzip it.
  3. Connect to FTP
  4. Go to wp-content > plugins > WooCommerce
  5. Create a backup of the folder for safety
  6. Upload the new unzipped version of the plugin.
  7. Visit the plugin page and activate the plugin if necessary.


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