I cant receive emails even if i Put the mx record mx.epizy.cim

I cant receive emails even if i Put the mx record mx.epizy.com. Plz help.

There are 2 possible reasons why you can’t recieve emails as far as what I know.

  1. DNS hasn’t fully propagated yet - It takes time for the DNS to fully propagate so pls wait…

  2. You are using Cloudflare.
    When using Cloudflare it does break incoming emails, to be able to receive emails again you must first disable cloudflare.

For more information about why you can’t receive emails then pls check this KB article:

For how long do I need to wait and I dont use cloudfare so. i need help from a admin.

It usually takes up to 24 hourse.
Btw did you already checked that KB article?
Pls read it if you haven’t.

Do you have a domain name I can check for the configuration?

My domain Brunzell.uk

Your domain name is currently pointing to the nameservers ns1/2.empizy.com. That domain name does not exist, which is why your domain doesn’t work. Please change your nameservers to ns1/2.epizy.com, wait for 24 hours and then try again.

Oh thanks. :slight_smile:

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