I can't open wp-admin


When I trying open diweb.website/wp-admin the page show me ERROR 404
Please help me and thanks


I see error 500

Can you please enable debugging to get more data


How i can enable that?

in a way to read the article I shared

click here


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Show me that

The issue is that it sends me directly to https://infinityfree.net/errors/500/

We know that. You need to follow the links shared by @Oxy to fix it.

I put everything and that not show me anything…

Your website is blocked by my ISP for being unsafe, your ISP may also be blocking it.

Why?, I have SSL Certificated

SSL has nothing to do with it, it has to do with your content. I asked them to auto-revaluate for you, and it was cleared. Your site is working now.

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Ok ok, well, so, my problem in this topic is about I can open wp-admin cuz the 500 error

Have you tried getting a fresh copy of WordPress and replacing only the wp-admin folder? That may solve the issue.

I wanna try that

Let me know if it works.

Not, isn’t the solution,
And I tried too delete a put a new .httacces but ins’t work too

Ins’t work anything, please help me…

Reinstall WP completely. DO NOT edit the databases, you may be able to save your content by connecting your new installation to your old database.

I found the problem, when I change the db, the wp_option - Home, that make the 500 error, cuz in the url say ‘localhost’ when I change for diweb.website, that make 500 error, so, how can i fixed it?