I can't install plugins in Wordpress

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Installation failed: Unable to create folder.

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Hi guys, i can’t install plugins in my wordpress, even if I go to the store or I want to upload it…
Error message is “Installation failed: Unable to create folder.”
how i solved that?
I’m french so i’m sorry if my translation is bad…


Hi and welcome to the forum

From your dashboard, to Settings > General
What does it say for the site address and the WordPress address (URL’s) ?
Is there an error there, or is it as it should be?

I asked that because I noticed that your WP instead of displaying the home page (index.php) does a redirection to the login and some other strange redirections

As for directory creation problems
are you logged in as admin in that WP ?

In short I believe the problem is about permissions to write to the directory, etc.

Use FTP and go on wp_content …find dir named plugins
and check for the permissions and make sure it is 755

you know best what you did last (what caused the problem)


Redirection is normal.
I want only certain people to have access to the site.
I checked the permissions of the folder: it is 775 (which I want) So the problem does not come from there …

Hello i am Zubair from Codup,

Follow these step your issue will be resolved.

  • Login to your file manager.
  • Then hit wp-content
  • Then right click the “plugins” folder.
  • Hit permissions.
  • Then chmod the permissions to the ones you need.
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Have you checked that you have inodes free, is your inode usage at 100%, what do your limits & usage look like?


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