I can't get my index.html to display


I’ve uploaded via Filezilla my index.html to the htdocs folder along with all the other associated files in teh appropriate folders, but when I go to the url I just get a blank page.

Whats gone wrong?

The website is at http://artycrafty.epizy.com/

If I add /index.html at the end, I get a 404 error, yet it’s showing quite happily in the site tree on Filezilla.

Ahhh, no problem - I worked it out for myself. Seems that Filezilla was uploading the HTML in Binary mode which it appears your severs didn’t like! I’ve changed that to ASCII mode, de-capitalised the word Index (who’d have thought the upload would’ve corrected the grammar of the filename!) and it’s all working now.

Thanks anyway!!

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