I can't find my new subdomain in my account

I’ve just created a new account with this subdomain name
and it has been created but I can’t see it in my accounts.
It seems to be linked to another user
this is my new subdomain :

Welcome, check here…

@KangJL ^

@techohowto try to add another subdomain name or use your custom domain, if it is taken by someone else, then they own it, you cannot use it until they remove it from the assigned hosting account.


I can’t go to Cpanel because I don’t have any accounts even after I created one with the name “http://techohowto.rf.gd

It wasn’t there when I created an account for this sub-domain
and It said account created successfully, then I didn’t find it in my accounts until now

Can you access client area? Login to your account - InfinityFree

yes I can but the problem is the subdomain has been created but no account for it has been created in client area "Active Accounts: 0 / 3 "

Can you use domain checker to see if subdomain is under you?

what’s domain checker ?

when I try to create a new account with the same subdomain name
It says "Please remove the subdomain from your other account "

Can you show your account?

Just create another subdomain as techohowto.rf.gd is not under your acct

okay thank you

I’m sorry about that, it looks like something went wrong during the creation of your account and caused it not to be stored in the client area correctly. I just imported it manually, you can find it in your client area.

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Thank you very much for helping :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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