I cant delete my domain

i want to delete my domain in this host but I can’t because my account Suspended

It is suspended and the domain is locked to it for good, that is what you get for violating Terms of Service.


Well, that’s intended behaviour. If your account was suspended for abuse, you aren’t meant to be able to delete it to avoid signing up with it again and violating the TOS.
If you can appeal the suspension, you’ll be able to remove it once the account gets reactivated. You could also try asking for that in the ticket, but it might not happen for the reason mentioned above.

If you wish to host the domain somewhere else, it being on your account here shouldn’t be an issue. You just need to change your domain’s nameservers on your new host’s ones, and the settings in this hosting won’t be affecting it anymore. If your new hosting provider requires you to remove the domain from here, it probably means they use the same infrastructure as InfinityFree does, which in turn means you cannot use them, either.


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